Dungeons and Drunkards is a healthy mix of tabletop gaming mechanics and "beverage" pong, as featured on TheChuggernauts.com . It's like playing pong as usual with the addition of a class and level system. Best part about it is it's 100% free! Don't worry, we've kept it simplified enough that you should be able to remember the rules when even in an "altered" state of mind. Current version supports five classes:
Pale-Ale-Adin, Chuggernaut, Wasted Wizard, Brogue, Beercromancer
This game has been in the making for over two years now. Multiple iterations, much testing, and a good deal of damage to our livers has lead to a game we believe will be enjoyed by RPG players or people just looking to spice up their pong games.
As always, we're looking for ways to improve our game. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or comments about mechanics balance, please feel free to shoot us an email at: dungeonsanddrunkards@gmail.com
To get started, check out the manual online or just download one of the files below. We offer a variety of formats to suit your level of classiness and/or frugalness.

And if you ever get bored of Dungeons and Drunkards (as variety is the spice of life), take a peek at thechuggernauts.com . They have over 500 drinking games to pick from, not to mention 85 drinking games dedicated solely to the enhancement of Video and Board Games!
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Manual Online
If you like the game and would like to see more classes or a physical kit including customs cups, balls, laminated rules, and what have you, just enter your email!
Color Booklet
B&W Cards
B&W Booklet
Color Cards
Printer Friendly Document
Full color pages for those who want a classier printout
Full images and text in card format, but in
black and white
No images, but full text in black and white
Full images and text, but in black and white to save on that color ink
Full color cards, for those who like to hold their character while they play
Booklets: Print two-sided on 3 sheets of paper, fold in half and arrange into a booklet
Cards: Print two-sided on 1 sheet of paper making sure margins match, and cut out cards
Document: Print and enjoy
Playing games and drinking tasty beverages is lots of fun, but like everything in life,
moderation is key.
Please drink and game responsibly